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If you’re in love with your vehicle but disappointed in a crack or tear in the seat, you need to bring it to Dynamic Motorsports, the place for creating custom cars in Moncton! We repair and replace all vehicle interiors from luxury rides to RVs with custom or factory upholstery. Whether you want your own look, or a factory restoration, we’re the ones to do it! Our customization services don’t stop on the inside. From the grill to the rear bumper, Dynamic Motorsports Ltd. also fully customizes bodies.

Custom Seats and Complete Interiors

We can design and build whatever is in your imagination, from complete seating reconstruction, to fully embroidered headrests. Dynamic Motorsports handles all types of interior enhancements. We offer hundreds of different material options featuring leather, vinyl, ostrich skin, suede and alligator skin from numerous suppliers. Check out some of the award-winning interiors in our gallery.

Custom Paint for that Best-in-Show Look

From candies to tri-coats, we can mix and match any paint that you require or desire. We can even pearl and snowflake your custom ride to make it stand out on any street.

Custom Vehicle Components You Can’t Find Anywhere Else

We like to think that all of our interior work is custom to each vehicle. In fact, Dynamic Motorsports has the ability to make, sometimes from scratch, components that you just can’t find anywhere else. Whether it’s a simple headliner or the door panels of your classic car, we can handle the job. In our books there’s no such thing as a balance between price and quality. We only do top-notch jobs at affordable prices. Any job worth doing is a job worth doing well, which is what keeps our customers coming back.

New Brunswick Auto Airbrushing at Its Best

We have the best auto airbrushing artist around, who can design murals, flames, rivets, skulls and much, much more. He can airbrush them on motorcycles, cars and trucks, boats, helmets and anything you can imagine.

Interior Kits for Classic Cars

With our interior kits for classic vehicles, Dynamic Motorsports can give your car or truck’s interior a beautiful makeover. These kits are made to last, so your vehicle will look its best year after year.

We Research Your Factory Vehicle to Get a Precise Fit

In most cases, it’s actually more cost effective (and better looking and feeling for your backside) to have Dynamic Motorsports make some or even all the pieces, whether it be the seats, carpet or door panels. We’re the only shop around that will take the time to research your factory vehicle to make sure you get the right look and the right fit.

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